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SonarPhone Cap
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SP100 – T-POD - Now Available!
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The world’s most portable and powerful WiFi fish finderThe SP100 T-POD is an ultra portable, WiFi transmitter system that has a self-contained battery. It can be pulled behind your boat, cast or thrown out from shore. Its unique shape allows the T-POD to track in the water perfectly straight at speeds up to 5 miles per hour.The SP100 has a transmit range of up to 100 yards and will run for up to 4 hours on a single charge. Re-charging is easy, you can use either your computers USB port or the...

SP200 – T-BOX
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Dual Beam WiFi fish finder technology you can share with friendsThe SP200 Permanent Mount system is designed for installation in boats with easy access to a 12 volt power supply (not included).As the name implies, SonarPhone turns your smart phone or tablet into a fully functional sonar system that will rival any high end sonar on the market today. Using Patented WiFi signal technology to transmit to smart phones or tablets. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, the SonarPhone will...

SP300 – T-BOX
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12 volt portable battery pack to take your SonarPhone anywhereThe T-BOX (SP300) options come in a portable system with a carry case to hold the battery and transducer cable. Your transducer is easily suction cup mounted on your boat. Easy to install on any boat, the skimmer style transdcuer and suction cup bracket can be used safely at speeds of 15 miles per hour. A safety cord is also supplied.The SP300 comes with a 12 volt, 4.5 amp hour rechargeable battery and you also get a fully automatic...